Always a Dragon

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We Are Back!

Summer is in the rearview mirror and its left most people saying, “where did it go?”  The Drexel student body is back on campus and that means that with every day that passes we are one day closer to college basketball season.  Before we know…

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CAA Tournament – Championship Preview

Before I say a few words about the finale, I want to thank Dan for letting spew a bit of venom and write some often amateurish thought. I follow every team in the country, so I can not possibly have as much knowledge as other…

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Postgame – James Madison (CAA Tourney)

Final Score: James Madison 80, Drexel 70 Drexel Player of the Game: Sammy Mojica Key to the Game: JMU Technical Foul Next Game: In the future The postseason is a fickle thing.  It can be just an instant, or a month long celebration.  The Dragons played…