Always a Dragon

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Bracket Tips From the Analytics Department – Vol V

Every year, this article comes out, and with each year, it gets tweaked.  The game has changed.  The Curry Factor has teams shooting more threes, the tempo is getting even faster with the 30 second shot clock, and there’s an absolute premium on defense as…

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Previewing the CAA Championship

I thank Dan, Scott and all of the readers, for allowing me to participate in his terrific website. I am from a different world. I have never read KenPom. I know nothing of numbers that others spew like they are gospel. They are mostly meaningless…

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Northeastern at Drexel – Postgame

William and Mary in 2015 & 2016. Old Dominion in 2013. Senior Night games are hard for teams.  In today’s era with more and more transfers and less and less four year players, maybe some of the shine has worn off, but that final home…