2017-18 Preview: The Seniors


In the final installment of this four part series, we take a look at the returning seniors for this year’s Drexel Dragons team.

Drexel’s senior class features four players who are all very well known to Drexel fans.  They were here for the end of the Bruiser Flint era, and stuck with the team to provide some much needed leadership after the arrival of Zach Spiker from Army.

As we wrap up this four part series, we would like to once again thank Major Canaday for taking the time to add his valuable input to these pieces.  We wish Major the best as he starts his career as part of Villanova’s coaching staff.

Austin Williams 6-8 245 LBS (7.1 PPG; 6.3 RPG; 0.5 APG)

What AAD says – No player showed more improvement on the court last season than Austin Williams.  It could be because of the arrival of big man coach Paul Fortier.  It could be because he was given a bigger role with the team.  It could be another year of personal growth and maturity.  Whatever it was though, Austin needs to continue to harness it as his senior season begins.

As expected, as an aggressive big man, “Stretch” fouled out of 10 contests last season.  He did, however, see his shooting percentage jump from 35% in his sophomore year to a team high 61.3% in 2016-17.  In fact, Williams improved in almost every statistical category, and had a significant impact on the defensive end of the floor, recording 4 blocked shots twice.  His 1.2 blocks per game were good enough for 5th in the CAA.

In the season ticketholder tip-off event, Zach Spiker said that Williams’ presence in practice was like having another coach on the team.  He’s going to be a leader this year, and a player to watch when CAA competition starts.

What Major says – Stretch has come a very long way. He has always been super talented it just took him finding his confidence. Stretch will be the anchor of the team this year, especially defensively. He will no doubt, if he plays to his abilities, average a double double.

Sammy Mojica 6-3 195 LBS (11.2 PPG; 5.3 RPG; 2.5 APG)

What AAD says – There were a lot of people who were disappointed when Sammy Mojica announced his intention to transfer following a very successful sophomore season.  Thankfully, he rescinded his transfer request and will finish out his college basketball career right where it started: on Sam Cozen Court.

As each year has passed, Mojica has grown as shown significant progress as a player.  While his 3-point shooting took a dip in his third year, he shot nearly 50% from inside the arc, most likely due to an increase in ability and shot selection.  He was also a 73.1% free-throw shooter, ranking him third on the team behind Kari Jonsson and Miles Overton.

Mojica needs to continue to improve on defense as he will undoubtedly be asked to do more on that end of the court this season in the guard dominated CAA.

What Major says – Who has a better nose for the ball than Sammy Mojica? Maybe one of the best rebounding guards in Drexel history. A lot of what Sammy does goes unnoticed but he has been reliable healthwise, and someone that can brighten up everyone’s day. Sammy will have a productive senior and continue to do all the little things.

Miles Overton 6-4 215 LBS (9.5 PPG; 2.0 RPG; 1.6 APG)

What AAD says – Full disclosure: we expected a lot out of Miles Overton last season.  There was a lot of hype surrounding him and his offensive ability, based on the progress that he showed in Wake Forest in his freshman and sophomore campaigns.  A lot of Overton’s offensive averages took a hit last season, but it should be noted that his free-throw percentage stayed at a respectable 76.3% and he averaged 9.5 PPG despite his offensive troubles.

There were, however, bright spots in Overton’s season.  Defensively, he impressed.  He averaged 0.9 steals per game, good enough for 4th best on the team.  He also possessed a certain tenacity despite having what must have been a tough year.  While he scored in double digits 14 times last year, Overton averaged nearly 10 field goal attempts per game and shot just 28%.  He was never truly able to shoot himself out of a season long slump.  Despite that, he kept his head up and kept working throughout the season.  If he can find his offensive stroke this year, he is going to be a potent weapon and potential 6th man for Spiker to bring in off the bench.

What Major says – Miles is due for a big year. What a lot of people do not know is that Miles took basically two long years off from game play due to him transferring and NCAA rules. Miles is student of the game and obsesses with his craft. I think Drexel fans will see the real Miles Overton this season.


Tyshawn Myles 6-8 250 LBS (2.2 PPG; 2.8 RPG; 0.2 APG)

What AAD says – Myles is the other veteran big man on the Drexel team.  He saw his minutes diminish late last season, but that certainly could have been due to the tremendous play of senior Mohammed Bah.  Myles got off to a good start in non-conference play last year, putting up a season high 9 points against Quinnipiac in what was arguably the best all-around game the Dragons played last season.

This year’s Drexel team has more size than ever this season with 7 players listed at 6-8 or taller.  Myles will undoubtedly be challenge for minutes by his younger counterparts.

What Major says – Tyshawn is the bruiser. He is just a brute force. Hopefully he can stay healthy. If so, Tyshawn will be an imposing force to be reckon with.

With the four classes taken care of, it’s time to hit the hardwood.  The Drexel Dragons open their season tomorrow night against Bowling Green at home.


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