A quick update – We slowly progress

I never thought that I could play basketball for the Drexel Dragons…  Until now

Hey mom, I broke my hand, I’m just like the Dragons now!

I apologize for the delay in getting new material to the page this week and feeding those of you who are jonesing for your Drexel Hoops fix.  Due either to a misplay in net by yours truly, and/or someones voodoo doll working, a week that was supposed to involve typing for the blog has ended up full of x-rays and MRI’s.  While the sun may be setting on Drexel’s campus out my window, and on the Dragon season, there’s plenty to look back on and continue to ask ourselves how this program can improve.  Obviously a good chunk of what bears looking at resides in two offices, and unless my arm goes through a woodchipper we’ll start with that the middle of next week, with a column that won’t include a single opinion from me, and almost no stats at all.

Thanks for your patience, and see you next week.


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