All CAA Picks



First Team Second Team
 Nathan Knight (POY)
Grant Riller James Butler
Jordan Roland Nate Darling
Desure Buie Eli Pemberton
Marcus Sheffield Brian Fobbs
Cam Wynter Bolden Brace
Honorable Mentions All Freshman Team
Ryan Allen Tyson Walker (FOY)
Allen Betrand Hunter McIintosh
Brevin Galloway Shykeim Phillips
Tyson Walker Jason Gibson
Matt Lewis Michael Christmas
Coach of the Year
Dane Fischer


Above are my picks for the All-CAA teams.  There’s not going to be a huge summary here because there isn’t much worth discussing.  Nathan Knight should be a unanimous MVP.  He was not only unstoppable on the offensive end, he was also one of the better defensive players in the Association this year, which few of the leagues other top scorers can say.  Roland and Riller have been First Team locks all season long, and Buie belongs in that conversation.

There will be (and should be) some discussion on Sheffield/Wynter/Darling/Pemberton/Fobbs for the last two first team spots.  Sheffield and Wynter both have the gaudy counting stats (Cam is not just eighth in scoring, and second in assists in the Association, he is also second in steals, so he’s getting it done on both ends of the court as well) they made their young teams competitive.  Pemberton gets caught up in a split vote with Buie, Darling isn’t enough of a complete player for my taste, and Fobbs splits votes with Betrand a bit as well.

The last spot on the Freshman team was a tough one, as was Walker v McIntosh for FOY.  Walker is one of three integral pieces on a team that, power rankings wise, is among the best in the CAA, so he got the nod.  Christmas vs Boggs was the battle for the last spot there.  Credit JMU fans hate mail earlier in the year for getting Christmas the nod in this meaningless exercise.

Finally, five good coaching choices for COY!  I never believed that W&M would be able to sustain their pace all year, but after a brief midseason slump, W&M finished strongly, so Dane Fischer gets the nod, as he gave William and Mary a team that their Athletic Department absolutely did not deserve.  Coach Schrage, Rob Burke, Joe Mihalicj and yes, too oft forgotten, good ole Pat Skerry, rounded out the contenders.


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