Bowling Green – Preview


It is not sound analysis to overreact to a couple of good or bad results. However, Drexel fans would seem to have reason to be somewhat excited.

Cam Wynter is a player. For a freshman, his explosion on the scene is rather extraordinary. Zach Walton has returned from injury. He is playing more minutes and more efficiently. What looked like a down year for the Dragons, may just be the opposite.

Northeastern is the best team in the Association but they are battling a bunch of injuries. College of Charleston is good, not great. Hofstra does not defend. I personally believe William and Mary will be the team to beat. Their young players are talented. Their coach is the real deal. Point made.

Drexel has a shot to threaten that upper division of the Colonial. However, let us not get too excited. Yes, they were impressive in winning at La Salle, but La Salle is presently paying for trying to become Villanova, and are way down this year. Boston University is a very sound and experienced basketball team, with a coach who knows what he is doing, however, the fact that Drexel destroyed them on the boards leads me to believe that BU may have mailed that one in.

I am not knocking Drexel. I am saying, do not go overboard. The excitement is Wynter is a real deal player. Drexel is no doubt getting healthier and no doubt getting better. However, how does Lee’s return fit in? I question whether Coach should start him. This starting 5 obviously has great chemistry. With Wynter at point guard, the team is better. Perhaps Lee has some time at the shooting guard position, to take some of the pressure off of Trevor John, in front of him.

With regards to today’s matchup, Bowling Green has their best team in years. They are good enough to take St Johns to the wire (although any Chris Mullin coached team could lose to anyone at any time), but still, it was an impressive showing by the Falcons. The polar opposite occurred in their last game as Mike Davis’ Detroit Mercy bunch ran roughshod over them.

Fourth year coach and Bowling Green alum Michael Huger now has a roster he recruited. He was an assistant under Jim Larranaga. He has good pedigree. Their defense is typically excellent. It was immense in the loss to St Johns. They have struggled to find a decent point guard, so turnovers can be had, but defense is not Drexel’s strong suit.

Bowling Green will be all in coming off an embarrassing effort in their last game. Drexel is no doubt better than expected, but there is a part of me that believes the shown improvement was more about their opponents less than stellar effort. Drexel will have the memory of the blown opener last year, but I do not think they are good enough to beat much improved Bowling Green on the road.

Bowling Green 72 Drexel 66


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