CAA Men’s Basketball Championship – Day Three Preview





Yesterday, Hofstra had the good fortune of facing an ill prepared and worn out Drexel team. For the first time in four years, I have become a bit down on Coach Spiker. Today he plummeted. You might think they had never seen Hofstra’s match up zone before. Early in the second half you could see some of the Drexel players struggling. Yet Spiker left them out there. Hofstra of course got every loose ball, far too many rebounds and too often just blew by the Drexel defender.

Meanwhile Cam Wynter had zero points, two rebounds and one assist. The worst thing said is when asked if there was a possibility that playing Cam Wynter 37 minutes or more, 6 games in a row, may have been a mistake, Spiker egotistically answered, “College basketball is not about load management” For that comment alone, he should be done.

Sure, it was a little men versus the boys today and playing two games in two days versus a fresh team may have had some affect.  That was not the reason the team was lost on offense and not the reason that obviously tired players remained on the court. Hofstra was very beatable today, yet the Dutchmen won very easily. That will not be the case today.

Delaware on the other hand mixed up defenses yesterday, even threw a match up zone at College of Charleston. The Cougar’s starting center, Sam Miller had hurt Delaware with his three point shooting so Inglesby doubled him. College of Charleston, could never find a rhythm and Earl Grant took the great Grant Riller out with 10 seconds to go. He went to the end of the bench, pulled his shirt over his head and cried. I am sure that if the Drexel fans weren’t so used to early tourney departures over the last two decades, Drexel fans would have done the same.

Delaware 62 Hofstra 59


In the opening round Saturday, Elon fell behind 14-0 and never lead til three seconds were left in the game. Today, they scored on five of their first six possessions. They never trailed. Freshman Hunter Woods had 20 points and 15 rebounds. Fellow freshman Hunter McIntosh delivered the deciding blow hitting a huge three pointer with 84 seconds left, after William and Mary had pulled within two.

William and Mary tells all about what a great year they had. I assure you, this was a lost year for them. They would have been an enormous favorite to make the NCAA tournament. Instead they lose at first chance to a fellow first year coach, a coach whose team truly had a special year.

In the do not fuck with Bill Coen section, I write quite succinctly, “Do not fuck with Bill Coen”.  Northeastern jumped out to a ten point half time lead and held off the expected challenges from Towson. Northeastern stud freshman Tyson Walker returned from injury and played 29 solid minutes off the bench. He did not play when Towson beat Northeastern in the last conference game. Coen understands that you can lose the battle as long as you win the war.

Northeastern 76 Elon 58


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