CAA Men’s Basketball Championship Preview




The first song is appropriate, but I think the second is even more so. Plus I loved this kid, Jacob Miller’s, honest and sincere interpretation of the Dylan classic. It must be heard. The times they are a changing.

College basketball was once a wonderful game played out in small venues, where the students mattered more than the donors. Now we see donors running out classy and successful coaches (Hello, William and Mary).  There was loyalty then. There was not rampant poaching of players, who are fed a bunch of bullshit in an effort to get them away from the mid major they are typically at. At this point, the NCAA encourages it. The NCAA claims it is about the student athlete, yet they allow and even encourage one and done. The NCAA loves the one hit wonders as they can promote them and make more money. Yep, college basketball is a cash grab. Rules are changed constantly, each and every one makes it easier for the more athletic schools to win.

I shall stop now. Because this is also indeed the end of the colonial tournament 2020, so while the times are changin’, and not for the better; I am done with the rant.



Last night, for the second night in a row Hofstra’s match up zone gave a team fits. They shot the lights out. The combination doomed Delaware. Joe Mihalich is a wizard. His teams often do not play like the smartest bunch, but man oh man does Mihalich always get the max out of what he has.

Northeastern has had their struggles this year. They have no one who can take over a game. They do have Bill Coen. That has been enough.

Hofstra won both meetings between these two this year. Northeastern rallied from 16 down at the half at home, the Husky’s got the lead but the Pride made the plays down the stretch to squeak by. In the rematch, Northeastern ran out to a big lead.  Hofstra came back in the second half and was in control until a late run by Northeastern took it to the buzzer. Hofstra has been better in both match ups and will be the slight favorite in the finale, but they shot the lights out yesterday and have not been tested at all defensively.

Neither is likely to happen here.

As you all have learned this week, “Dont fuck with Bill Coen”.

Northeastern 65 Hofstra 63


An addendum –

I am a college basketball fan. I have been since I first set foot in the Palestra. I may be biased but I doubt there are many better venues to watch a hoops game. So why is a fucking snob, Ivy League, UPenn grad writing for Drexel? It’s Blasphemy!!

Dan knows I am a fan. I have also made a few dollars over the years picking some winners. Years ago, Dan asked If I would like to write a preview. That evolved into writing them all. I have no allegiance to any school. I admittedly, know a little about many schools. I am likely not the best person for the job. However, Dan appreciates my honesty and my old school approach to discussing games.

I spend far too much time trying to be clever with song choices. I do implore all to listen to Jacob Miller’s version of the Dylan Classic above. I still have chills.

I shall likely not work another season of college basketball. I want to say thank you to Dan Crain, for allowing the dreaded UPenn grad, to put some thoughts on paper. I promise, I try hard. I feel honored for all these years, that Dan has stuck with me. I want to thank all those who have read any of the previews. If I have brought joy to one person, then I am a massive success.

I have enjoyed my time on the blog. I have enjoyed my life as a basketball handicapper. The joy has diminished lately. It is why I am done. So  once again, thanks to all for allowing me to participate and to those who care enough to take their time and read it. To you all, be good.


Alan “Boston” Dvorkis



  1. Thanks for your writing over the years. I have enjoyed reading your previews. Hope you can find some level of basketball to enjoy. I guess this year at least you got an Ivy League with no tourney.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. Unfortunately there is no Ivy League tourney for the wrong reason.

  2. Thanks for your contributions over the years, Alan. Your previews are one of my favorite parts of this blog. I’m gonna miss them.

    Also, F Penn. 🙂