Charleston – Away – Pregame


What a sudden and strange turn of events! With their season teetering on the brink, Drexel won four in a row.  They showed their potential and turned the season around. More importantly, in the fourth game of the winning streak, it was their second half defense versus offensive juggernaut William and Mary that got them home.

Then, an angry Towson bunch comes to Philly and they are smacked in the mouth by the new and improved Dragons. Drexel led by 18 with 11 to play in the second half, completely dominating one of the best teams in the conference. The future is bright. Then the proverbial shit hits the fan.

Austin Williams gets hurt. He does not return. The glue is gone. With him out the team quite literally becomes unglued. The lead disappears.  They recover enough to get ahead 89-85 in overtime but once again they give it away. Not only do they give it away, but also, there seemed to be some apathy on the court.

What happened behind the scenes since that finish will probably impact this game more than anything. College of Charleston is clearly the class of the Association. They have won seven straight. They most recently swept the challenging Northeastern, Hofstra road swing. They followed that by beating second place (at the time) William and Mary. Drexel can hope that off those 3 big wins, Charleston comes into their homecoming afternoon game a bit flat. However, given that the Cougars played so poorly in their road loss to Drexel that seems doubtful in this revenge spot. Drexel fans had better hope Williams injury is not serious. He is a special player.

Charleston 84 Drexel 64


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