Delaware – Away – Pregame


This feels like a make or break game for Drexel.

Sure they have been hampered by injuries. Yes, William and Mary has been on a roll. Indeed, these are not yet Spiker’s recruits. But this team seems all or nothing and they’re going to figure out which one it is, soon.

Delaware too has found the going rough. Already young, Delaware lost starting sophomore forward Jacob Cushing and dismissed St. Bonny transfer and occasional starter Derrick Woods.  Two games later, they lost starting freshman guard Kevin Anderson to injury. Delaware was left with seven scholarship players. They basically use six. Two Freshman, one Sophomore two juniors and a senior.

Delaware is the perfect team to compare with Drexel. Both are in year two with coaches who did excellent jobs in year one. It seems like Delaware has more of an identity. Even as the numbers dwindle, this team is all in every night. It would appear the same can not be said for Drexel.

So here it is, two teams, both on the rise, both have battled injury and both have played good competition tough (Delaware lost by 4 to Buffalo). If all hands were on deck, Delaware would have a great chance at an upper level finish in the CAA. Unfortunately, they do not. Still, they come in with a 2-2 record in the Colonial. Delaware has beaten UNCW, the worst team in the conference (apologies, kind of, JMU) twice. They too, were run out by William and Mary. Their other loss came on the road at Charleston.

This is a winnable game for Drexel. As the rosters stand, Drexel’s ceiling seems higher. However, unlike Delaware, I am not sure the Drexel players know what they want. Hopefully, that changes here. If it does not, if they do not at least take this to the wire, there are no more excuses. Of course, it is not time to change coaches, however, it might be time for the coach to adapt more to what he has, rather than what he wants. It’s what great coaches do.

Drexel 69 Delaware 67


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