Drexel at Temple – Pregame



I admit I am not a Springsteen fan. I was stuck for a song. This is what hit me.  Oh well.
I have never understood why there is not a Big Six? Drexel is as much a “city school” as the so-called others. For sure, they should be part of the round robin. Also, ALL CITY games should be at The Palestra. I assure you, that you will never experience anything quite like half of a sold-out Palestra, rooting for their teams. NOTHING!!! Rollie Massimino, in all his ego, decided Villanova was too good for such neutral court nonsense. Money is evil, but it should not always trump all. It will never happen, but occasionally, sanity rules, and Philly schools give up their home games for The Palestra. It needs to return.  Drexel included.
Temple is in year three with Aaron McKie. Last year’s Covid year is a toss out but year one was certainly a disappointment. One could never match up with the great Fran Dunphy, but the Temple program has long been rock solid. Improvement will need to happen, lest the natives get restless. Temple had four starters returning from last season. Unfortunately, seven games in they lost leading scorer, Khalif Battle to injury. It looked like it might be addition by subtraction for a time, as in the first two games sans Battle they beat both Penn at home and impressively Vanderbilt on the road. Unfortunately, reality set in as they were then overmatched by a mediocre St Joseph’s team and run out of the building in their first conference game by an excellent Central Florida team. Scoring has been an issue in both losses. Given the beautiful Dunphy offense that McKie worked under, this is extremely disappointing.
Drexel’s season showed a ton of promise, playing well at Syracuse, winning at St. Joe’s and playing well in the Bahama’s tournament. They also went to Princeton and took them to overtime. Getting run out by Abilene Christian is not a reason to panic, but needing the last eight minutes to beat road weary Coppin state, 76 – 69 is not a good result. It seems as if the injury to “bruiser” (sorry, had to use that word. Yes, I remain a Bruiser fan) Xavier Bell, seems to have affected them. He is questionable for today.
These two last played in what was Aaron McKie’s debut as Owls head coach. Temple won at home that day, 70-62. Since then, Temple has a downward arc and Drexel, the opposite. Both teams enter this game struggling big time, but Drexel’s shaky play is more excusable. Sorry Temple fans, your once proud program is headed the wrong way.
Drexel 68 Temple 63

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