Drexel at Hofstra – Pregame

If I am honest, the song is a bit of a stretch. Most of the ride from Boston to Long Island is a straight shot, but this is the greatest Beatles cover I have ever heard. Hope others agree.
As expected, Drexel was met by a tidal wave off Huntington Ave. which could turn out to be prescient as global warming will no doubt make that a reality, one day. Indeed Drexel was slammed nearly as badly as our environment. Has reality set in or is was this just a perfect storm? I opt for the latter. Drexel still has a constantly improving Cam Wynter and other young talent that barring the big boys doing some poaching, bodes well for the future at Drexel.
Hofstra lost Justin Wright-Foreman, perhaps the greatest offensive player ever to suit up there. That appeared to lead to disaster as Hofstra opened by getting drilled at home by lowly San Jose State. However it did not take long for Mihalich’s brutally efficient four out offense to kick in and Hofstra is back to being one of the faves to win the Colonial.
I am sure Drexel can not wait to get to the floor to prove their Boston debacle was a fluke. Unfortunately, they are catching an angry Hofstra bunch, who are coming off two brutal losses in a row. Drexel is definitely closing the gap, but right now, they are still a notch below the upper echelon teams, of which, Hofstra remains one.
Hofstra 76 Drexel 68

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