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With the arrival of Zach Spiker, who is now in his third season as Drexel’s head coach, came a new brand of basketball.  The style that Spiker’s Army teams played was aggressive and high tempo; a far cry from what Drexel fans had become accustomed to with the opportunistic defensive style of James “Bruiser” Flint.  While Spiker’s teams probably won’t get anywhere near the team’s Division 1 record defensive performance that saw them surrender just 27 points against Towson in 2012, there are some records, team and individual alike, that Spiker’s Dragons might be able to eclipse now that he is through his transitional years and has a team on the court that should be more geared towards his preferred style of play.  Today we will take a look at some of those records.

Team Records

Three-point field goals in a game (16) – The 2001-2002 season was Flint’s first year at the helm of the Dragons.  With Steve Seymour and Bill Herrion’s players still patrolling the court, the Drexel Dragons bested George Mason by a score of 100-69.  This would be the only time in Bruiser Flint’s Drexel tenure that one of his teams hit the century mark in a game, regulation or otherwise.  That 100 point performance included 48 points on 16 made threes.  Through the first two games this season, Spiker’s Dragons have shown that they are not afraid to bomb from three with impunity.  Probability of breaking: HIGH.

Three-point field goal percentage in a game (.917) – Any time the Drexel Dragons beat the Delaware Blue Hens it’s a good day.  Unfortunately, in his two seasons at the helm, Steve Seymour’s Dragons beat their fiercest rivals just once.  The efficiency they showed on December 3, 2000 was remarkable as the Dragons went 11 for 12 from three.  While Spiker’s team loves to shoot their three balls, efficiency is not their friend, volume is.  Expect to see high attempt numbers, but high make percentages are probably not in the cards for them.  Probability of breaking: LOW.

Free throw makes in a game (44) – Flint’s teams frequently seemed to struggle from the line.  The 2004-2005 season was no exception as the Dragons shot just 67.5% from the charity stripe, which was good enough for 207th in the nation.  When they took on Delaware on February 6, 2005 it was a foul fest.  The two teams shot a combined 93 free throws.  The Dragons made 44 of their 58 attempts to set the team record for makes in a game from the free throw line.  Phil Goss went 10 for 11, Jeremiah King went 9 for 10, and Sean Brooks shot 14 for 21 from the line.  Last year, Spiker’s Dragons loved getting to the line.  Troy Harper all but built his game around it.  The departure of Tremaine Isabell, however, leaves a void in the “to the hole” aspect of the Dragons’ game.  44 in a regulation game might be a difficult one to obtain.  Probability of breaking: MODERATE.

Individual Records

Three point field goals in a game (9) – Mike Wisler was a 6’6 engineering major, who frankly, looked like an engineering major but when he took to the court, he could shoot.  Like lights out shoot.  Wisler shared the court with Drexel greats Brian Holden and Malik Rose, and his contributions to the team often go overlooked.  In his senior year, Wisler led the Dragons in three point percentage (.426) and makes (86).  Arguably his biggest accomplishment, however, came on February 13, 1994 when he was unstoppable sinking nine threes against Hartford.  Year after year, some fans keep expecting this record to fall.  With guys like Dominic Mejia and current NBA player Damion Lee having patrolled Sam Cozen Court, it is a wonder why it has not been topped.  With the run and gun, three point shooting Dragons that Spiker has on the court this year, Wisler’s record might be in jeopardy.  But it won’t be the first time that a “Wisler Watch” has been declared, only for a player to fall short.  Probability of breaking: MODERATE.

Attempted three pointers in a game (19) – One of the other great players of the late 90’s Bill Herrion teams was Mike DeRocckis.  He was a guy who Zach Spiker would have loved.  He was not afraid to shoot, and when he got hot, he could dominate.  On February 3, 1998, DeRocckis shooting 19 threes might not have been the top story as a flagrant punch in the face to center Joe Linderman ignited a massive comeback from the Dragons who ultimately won 72-71.  What DeRocckis did do, however, was lead the Dragons down the stretch with his 27 points on 7 of 19 shooting from three.  Guys like Trevor John look like they might be ready to shoot this year, and against the right opponent, a 20 attempt game could happen.  Probability of breaking: HIGH.

Three point field goals in a season (92) – Only two Drexel Dragons have ever made 90 or more three pointers in a season: Phil Goss (90) and Dominick Mejia (92).  In fact, there is only one other player in the top 10 in three point makes for the season: Traymane Hawthorne.  Mejia’s record equates to just 2.96 makes per game.  If there is going to be a player that breaks this, he could very well be on the court this season.  Probability of breaking: MODERATE

Blocks in a game (9) – This record has been set four times.  Four players in Drexel history have achieved nine blocks in a game (Chaz Crawford, Leon Spencer, Robert Battle and Bob Stephens) but nobody has been able to block ten.  One of the biggest questions on this year’s Drexel team is their paint presence.  With Austin Williams’ graduation, they don’t have that shot blocking threat patrolling the paint.  James Butler and Tim Perry, Jr have some pretty big shoes to fill.  Probability of breaking: VIRTUALLY NONE.


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