Drexel at UNCW – Pregame




This will be brief. The song title says it all. I would not blame you if you do not bother to listen. Mariah Carey’s music is not my thing.

So how does one treat a lame duck game? In the old days, before coaches were under constant scrutiny, the intelligent approach was to just play it safe. Do not play starters a ton of minutes. Do not show any new set plays or tricked up defenses. The only thing that matters is to give yourself the best chance to win the conference tournament. However, in the modern world, where money is all that matter, we have people with little to no basketball knowledge making major decisions.

Drexel is a young team. They have hit a wall. It would be smart to allow your key players a chance to recharge. Since that likely will not happen, I have a hard time logically making a selection. Drexel has lost 5 in a row. A win in any, especially, that latter, vs Northeastern, and you would have a team fighting for a first round bye. 5 chances, 5 missed opportunities.

While Drexel is headed one way, UNCW is headed the other. Since their first meeting, UNCW has had a couple of changes, both for the better. Ty Gadsden has returned from injury and they fired their head coach. Interim coach, Rob Burke has done an excellent job with UNCW. They most recently completed a sweep of their season series with College of Charleston. The improvement is obvious.

The first meeting between these two came way back on December 30th. In a back and forth game, Cam Wynter had 30 points, including the last 8 of the game as Drexel squeaked by 71-66. Logically, UNCW now at home, now with Gadsden and now without McGrath, would seem to be the pick. I would hope Spiker would give the overused Wynter a bit of a break as they are in the play in game and will need their star point guard for many minutes. I doubt that will happen. There is no such thing as logic in college hoops any more. Still, if Drexel struggled vs an inferior version, I think they are likely to lose on the road vs a better version of UNCW. Also, I hold out hope that Spiker plays it cozy. After all, Drexel has had their chances.


UNCW 76 Drexel 71


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