Drexel vs UNCW – Pregame


Unfortunately, college basketball is structured so the big boys get what they want. UNCW hires Kevin Keatts. He is wildly successful. NC State then offers him the world. The decision is easy.

Back to the drawing board, UNCW decides to hire Roy Williams assistant C. B. McGrath. Apparently, the big boys in Wilmington have not watched much of Chapel Hill basketball. UNC without talent would look something like the Seahawks: A team that gets lost defensively only slightly more than they do offensively.

UNCW’s most recent loss was to James Madison. JMU only scored 60 in the second half. JMU shot almost 60% for the game. There is more bad news for UNCW. Their excellent freshman point guard Kai Toews has been battling the flu. “If he does not have a fever, he will make the trip” is his official status. Of course he will play, but he likely will not play the 30 minutes a game he averages. That leaves JUCO sophomore Ty Gadsden as his primary point guard. He is still recovering from a sports hernia in his abdomen. He has averaged 23 minutes a game since he returned Jan 3, but he is still not 100%.

Drexel starts the night at 5-6 in the Colonial, but as a neutral observer, I think Drexel fans should be happy with the teams play in conference. They have had two poor efforts: The home loss to William and Mary and the loss at UNCW. The former was a bad day, the latter came after their comeback upset in Charleston. We can chalk it up to a hangover. In spite of a number of injuries and average talent, Drexel has shown much improvement. Even with their short bench, Drexel is playing two points above what I projected their power rating to be.

Like Drexel, UNCW’s bench has been shortened. Like Drexel, UNCW is terrible at defending the 3 point shot. In fact, they are the bottom 2 in the Colonial. Unlike Drexel, UNCW has played poorly in conference. Unlike Drexel, McGrath has not done well with what he has.  A win today, gets Drexel to .500 in conference. A win today, would be Coach Spiker’s first over UNCW as head coach at Drexel. Drexel should have a field day vs UNCW’s sieve like defense. If he is like his old boss, McGrath will not make any changes, even if the players do not suit the style.

You are correct in assuming I am not a fan.


Drexel 104 UNCW 72


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