At Niagara 11/23

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    dan10 on #967

    This is likely our best chance at a road victory in the remaining OOC. I think we will seize the opportunity. Niagara lost to both Rutgers and Hartford. Their loss @Rutgers was closer than most would have thought at 13 points.

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    Dan Crain on #969

    Vegas seems to agree with your analysis Dan, as does Alan. Good signs all around. This might be the first time this team goes into a game with expectations to win. It will be interesting to see how they respond. Niagara’s bigs are pretty poor, I’m looking for Rodney and Austin to see a lot of the ball and end up on the line plenty.

    dan10 on #970


    dufunnyman on #1010

    Dan – Nice foreum, like the look and feel

    ANyone going to Lafayette?

    Dan Crain on #1018

    Funny you should ask… I’ll start a new thread.

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