At Rutgers 11/13

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    relaxing on #881

    Ugly things about this game:
    – Pee yellow unis
    – Lee giving us the return of the Bashir Mason circus shot
    – Lee and Rodney combining for the clumsiest pick and roll
    – Realizing we wouldn’t have even seen that play under Bruiser
    – Big 10 Network carriage fees
    – Missed layups
    – Traveling before the dribble
    – Not passing to the skinny white freshman
    – Homer broadcast
    – CJ Gettys neckbeard
    – CJ Gettys bowl cut

    dan10 on #883

    Well Spiker did announce they were bringing those yellow uniforms back this season. I am very surprised Gettys is managing to find playing time with Rutgers. I figured even though they are not a good team that they would have superior talent than having to take on Gettys and play him.

    relaxing on #887

    Could they also bring back the orange Mario costume in time for our home opener?
    Totally 90s throwback season!
    What’s Steve Seymour doing these days?

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    Dan Crain on #889

    I will heartily agree on all CJ Gettys related ugliness.

    Water Boy on #890

    Not sure where Seymour is these days, but it seems like Bill Herrion is finally getting a program built at New Hampshire. He had 15 straight seasons without a winning reacord after leaving Drexel (6 at ECU, 9 at NH). However, he had winning records the last two seasons, and thing seem to be looking good this year as well as they came into town and beat Temple last night.

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