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    dan10 on #1361

    I figured since this page will likely get more views this week maybe it was worth posting and see what traction we get now, since we had no traction earlier in the year.

    Our first opponent is JMU who just defeated us this past Thursday. I think this is a winnable game for Spiker and Co as long as Kari returns. Without him I see this as another close but no cigar type of loss that this team has seen a bit of this season.

    DrachenFire on #1390

    It’s definitely winnable, but it’s not a great match-up. They’ve just ground us up inside each of the two meetings this year. Rodney must stay out of foul trouble, and Kurk and Sammy (Kari, please) need to quickly adjust to the shooting background and hit some threes. Want to believe because they’ve been right there a lot this year, just don’t see it happening tonight.

    Dan Crain on #1398

    Just want to thank both of you for posting in this thread. We will be doing a forum overhaul in the offseaon and hopefully get you all and some of our league mates over here next year.

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