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    dan10 on #1068

    It is interesting that as changes have happened with the program and as this season has gone on it seems some posters are starting to trickle back in, but none are coming here. My best guess as to the reason is the usability of the forum. It is not super intuitive and does not have the flexibility that many other message boards have/had. Moving the log in to the top instead of the bottom of the page could be a start. I wold also suggest a button when you enter a thread that allows you to go to the most recent unread post so that you don’t have to jump to the bottom and scroll up or at the top and scroll down and end up re-reading posts you already knew about. It is new and people are always reluctant to change. Keep up the great work guys!

    Dan Crain on #1071

    Dan, thanks for the feedback. We’ll work to integrate those suggestions ASAP. Things are a little hectic around the holidays, but hopefully it’ll be by early next calendar year if not before.

    DrachenFire on #1079

    I think part of the problem is also that we’ve become too dispersed. There used to be one stop, The Zone, to discuss things. As the program, league and boards all went to hell, there was no centralized spot and now we have this website, the CSNbbs boards, the Blue and Gold site and the podcast. I know things got a little testy on The Zone while we awaited the ax to fall on Bru, but I hope that there is no overly bad blood between parties (there doesn’t seem to be, at least to me). I hope, we’re able to recombine into a unified online presence as a fan base again. Feel we be stronger that way. </soapbox>

    Scott Kier on #1092


    As always, thanks for your feedback! The site is a constantly evolving, growing project, and we are going to make a few changes this week based on what you’ve said.

    As for the forum and its structure, when we created the framework for this site, what we are typing/reading on now was seen as a starting off point. The vision for the forum portion of this site is something far more professional looking and developed, and it is certainly something that we are going to be pursuing in the future. Those changes and developments just take time. As of now, I’d view the entire Always a Dragon project at around the 2.0 stage of development with much more to come!

    As always, if you have any more feedback or ideas, Dan and I are all ears! We might be steering this ship but this is supposed to be a place for all of us to come and enjoy Drexel basketball.

    In the meantime, GO DRAGONS!

    dan10 on #1100

    We understand that Scott, just giving ideas as to why we think the movement here has been slower than anticipated or at least why the forums have been seldomly used. Personally I was not happy the zone died as that was my favorite message board just because of layout and functionality. CSNbbs is alright but its far from perfect, but it does have the other schools there, which is something I personally do enjoy, others may not. And I do not even know about the blue and gold site, so there definitely can be some breakage of our fans. Many are older posters that stopped posting for years, that we need to reach out to and bring back to the light. That is always something difficult to do. Keep up the great work.

    Scott Kier on #1101

    Dont take my reply as firing back at you. I sincerely appreciate the feedback. I just did not want either of you to think that this was a finished product, because its not. Not even close.

    And I agree with you on The Zone.

    As for our fans, we gotta bring them back to the program, and with a rebranding of Drexel Men’s Basketball this is the perfect time to do it!

    The Holidays of course, are tough. And working shift work doesnt help. I’ve got a good amount of time that I’m going to spend working on some stuff tomorrow, so by all means I’ll take any thoughts you might have on any changes that we make. Also, if you have any ideas, or see anything else you’d like to see let us know.

    Thanks again for reading, and thanks for the feedback!

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    Eric Resnick on #1574

    This Friday, January 5, is Drexel magnet schedule night. First 200 warm bodies will receive a free refrigerator magnet- chances are, this could be you. Now that the season is halfway over, we thought it would be a good time to give these away. This could explain the low turnout thus far this season- people don’t know when the games are.

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