Hartford 11/18 7P

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    Eric Resnick on #912

    I’m thinking this could be one of our W’s, but not foolish enough to expect it.
    So far Hartford 1-2 with a win over lowly Niagara but 16 point loss at home to Rider and a loss to Central Connecticut.

    dan10 on #913

    Agreed we should win, but if we do it will be close. We have not been good enough anywhere yet to think we can win against anyone going away. I’ve got us winning 71-63. No way I see us doing what the pregame writeup think. If we score 90 with this squad this early in the season, it would be beyond a miracle.

    Dan Crain on #914

    When predicting scores, the first thing to attempt to project is # of possessions. Both of these teams are uptempo teams, Kenpom projects 74 possessions and I think that’s conservative. I’m expecting mistakes and fouls and that leads to more points. So I’ll say if my choices are 90 or 71, I’m leaning 90. 71 would be a pretty terrible output while at home against this Hartford team.

    I’m looking for Overton to get off the schnide here. I’m not sure I’ve seen a player in a DU uniform that needs confidence as bad as this guy does – maybe Freddie at times. With all possible respect to Freddie, who put the team on his back a couple times, I hope that this is the last time I compare the two.

    Good to see you chiming in Dan10.

    dan10 on #915

    I do not disagree we should score some, but I have not seen anything that says we will. I don’t expect us to shoot well and I am not sure we will draw enough fouls (and make the foul shots) to add up to enough scoring. My gut just says this is going to turn ugly fast for both teams putting up bad shooting numbers. I would be very happy to see us run them out of the gym, just have a hard time seeing that right now.

    Dan Crain on #918

    Don’t lose sight over the quality of competition that they have played against thus far. It’s very easy to see those two games as the only sample and say that is who this team is, but this game should be an entirely different opportunity.

    dan10 on #921

    Let’s hope you are right.

    dan10 on #929

    At halftime with 31 points, I really thought it was going to stay low scoring. Very surprised we shot and played so well in the second half. 56 points?!?! I never would have guessed we could do that. Strong second half for sure.

    Very glad to hear in the post game that the DAC was rocking and the students showed up strong. Glad SPiker understands the importance of a strong student section. Lets hope it continues.

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