WBB- Home vs. #14 Syracuse 11-21-16

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    dan10 on #943

    HUGE home game for the women tonight. Hopefully everyone who can be there will be there to support our ladies. We have a solid squad and they get to play against a nationally ranked team at DAC. We will be underdogs for sure but the support for the home team would be huge.

    Dan Crain on #948

    It’s a great call Dan. I won’t be able to make this one tonight, but wish I could. Big game, and a real chance to scare the hell out of the rest of the conference tonight!

    dan10 on #952

    And our dragons pull off the upset victory 62-61 with a 3 pointer with 9 seconds left to take the final lead. Very evenly played game throughout and a huge win and confidence booster for the women. The women are now 3-1 and 3-0 at home. Their only loss was against a typically good Vanderbilt team on the road.

    Dan Crain on #953

    Coach Dillon’s team looks for real, that’s for sure. Even the Vandy game was close and they couldn’t get to the FT line if their lives depended on it in that one. Bigtime trap game coming up for the ladies, get through that and lookout. They scheduled tough and it looks like they may have the talent and system to play to that schedule. It’s early to chalk them up for another postseason appearance, but given the track record, that certainly can be the bar to clear annually, and dancing perhaps the goal at this point. Great to see that level of success within a basketball program here.

    dan10 on #957

    They do look good but our reliance on shooting the 3 ball will rear its ugly head at some point against a team that we should not struggle with, however playing and beating quality opponents is still important in our quest to prove we can win the league and get over our JMU demons.

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