Game 1: (1) Roland Goes to War(zel) vs (8) Rob’s YeahRod Squad

Roland Rob
1 Damion Lee Rodney Williams
2 Bashir Mason Dominick Mejia
3 Leon Spencer Trevor John
4 Troy Harper Tramayne Hawthorne
5 Danny Hinds Mohamed Bah
6 Jarvis Doles Gerald Colds


Before voting, here’s some chalk talk with the coaches:

Roland Goes to War(zel)

With the number one pick in the draft, Roland took the most talented player of the last fifteen years – and he will argue the most talented of Drexel’s history.  Pairing Lee with two guards who have speed, can penetrate and includes maybe the best defensive guard in the field in Bashir Mason, the point guard who started the run of four year point guard starters at Drexel (apologies to Jeremiah King)?  No brainer.

Drafted the inside late, but still got “The Rejector”, Leon Spencer to provide more D and some inside scoring.  Danny “Captain Intangibles” Hinds rounds out the starters with size and shooting ability at the four.  Jarvis Doles provides useless size (he never used it!) and shooting ability off the bench, and some versatility if I want to run some zone.

Rob’s YeahRod Squad

Once the rules were decided (Twitter poll) my draft strategy was determined by favoritism, excitement, Twitter presence, and how many glasses of rose I’d had.

By the time the first round got to me at the last pick, there were two players that clearly checked all the boxes – Rodney Williams and Dom Mejia. These are arguably my two favorite Dragons of all time so the pick was easy, plus Rod is a newly minted MBA so could double as Player-GM Jackie Moon style.

Rounds two and three saw pretty much all PG’s come off the board, so once I confirmed Trey Hawthorne qualified at the position, I knew he’d be one of my next picks – #0 was rocking a DAC Pack shirt in warmups before it was cool – but not before I snagged yet another of my favorite players – Trevor John. I’d not forgotten his proclivity for high fiving the alumni and just being a flat out dude … but until Bill T reminded us, I did forget the time that an opponent flopped and Trevor told him to “get up you ****** ******” .  Legend.

By the time it came back to me for picks 5 and 6, it was time for rose number four and another big; with the shooters on the floor, Yeahrod as my scorer in the post, I knew I’d need someone to pull boards and play tough against the likes of Samme, Frank, and Chaz. Mo BUCKETS was my guy.

Last pick was between a few guys, but Gerald Colds’ heroics in his first game at the Palestra, and in his senior season win at Louisville made him the guy I needed as sixth man. 


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