Game 2: (4) Bill Martin is Coming vs (5) Dan’s Go Big or Go Home

Bill Dan
1 Camren Wynter Frank Elegar
2 Sean Brooks Alihan Demir
3 Tavon Allen Scott Rodgers
4 Sammy Mojica Jeremiah King
5 T.J. Bickerstaff Coletrane Washington
6 Sam Green Freddie Wilson


Before voting, here’s some chalk talk with the coaches:

Bill Martin is Coming

Here are my thoughts by round:

  1. Cam Wynter: Was between Cam and Frank Elegar, chose Cam because I thought there were less quality PG options than forwards in the draft with Massenat already off the board

  2. Sean Brooks: Wanted a forward and Brooks was the best on the board at the time who could score from the post.

  3. Tavon Allen:  Great size for a wing with explosive scoring ability.  Don’t mind the inconsistency as much when he is the third scoring option on the team.  Also a threat from 3 as he knocked down 72 of them as a senior at a 37% clip.

  4. Sammy Mojica: Wanted more shooting and Samme was the most productive player remaining that fit the bill. He was also a versatile player that did a lot of little things to impact a game

  5. TJ Bickerstaff:  This pick will look much better a year or two down the road, but with Sean Brooks in the middle I desperately needed size and TJ fit the bill perfectly.  At 6’9″ He rebounds the ball well and can provide rim Protection that Brooks can’t. While his production wasn’t great as a freshman, getting a player of his caliber this late in the draft was a steal

  6. Sam Green:  Can never have too many shooters and that’s one thing Sam did this year was knock down open 3 pointers.

Dan’s Go Big or Go Home

I think Bill Belichick is a good coach, so this draft was going to be determined by two things:  Who dropped to me in the first round, and getting versatility on the court.  I also knew that Bru didn’t necessarily push for production from the four spot, so the draft was going to be very thin there.  When the best big man in the draft dropped to me in the first round, I quickly snagged Frank Elegar and a strategy was established:  Go Big or Go Home.

While whoever was in Alihan’s ear at this time last year was a fool, and not only hurt the Dragons, but hurt Alihan’s career as well (the last person to go to Minnesota and have a flourishing career was KG, and before that it was the kid from Little Big League), I still appreciate Alihan and his game.  With him and Frank, I have a clear edge up front on the rest of the field, and Frank’s all league defense covers up for Alihan’s lone area of weakness.

At the guard spots, picking up Jeremiah King and Scott Rodgers gave me two combo guards who were both good ballhandlers in their day.  Both can distribute and penetrate, which, when coupled with the frontcourt means this team will see plenty of zone D against them.

The draft rules say that we get the best season from each player (not potential season, or I would have fought Bill to get TJ would be on my team) so I break the Z with two 40%+ three point shooters in King (43% his senior year) and Washington (43% last year).  Freddie Wilson adds a guy who can play the 1, 2, or 3 and brings speed off the bench, giving this squad even more of the versatility it needs.

Two elite bigs, two ballhandlers, two elite shooters, two of the top five best defenders in the draft (Elegar and Rodgers).  This team is going to be as tough an out as there is in the bracket.


Who gets your vote?



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