Game 3: (2) Marshall’s Fire Drill vs (7) Nick’s “Picks”

Marshall Nick
1 Chris Fouch Samme Givens
2 Austin Williams Phil Goss
3 Terrell Allen Kurk Lee
4 Kenell Sanchez Dartaye Ruffin
5 Randy Oveneke Mate Okros
6 Gabi Marginean Miles Overton


Before voting, here’s some chalk talk with the coaches:

Marshall’s Fire Drill

As anyone who watched Drexel through the Bruiser Flint years knows, his teams were best when he had a great 3-point threat, a distributing PG, and a big that allowed you to play the inside-outside game. Even as the college game has changed over the last decade, I think that still holds true and was the philosophy around which I built this team.

Chris Fouch: There were a lot of really good options with the #2 overall pick. Ultimately I picked Chris for his elite shooting but also his ability to put the ball on the ground and get to the rim. Many of the other great shooters on this list don’t have that additional ability.

Terrell Allen: He only spent his freshman year as a Dragon, but I’m not going to hold it against a guy for transferring with a coaching change. He clearly showed his talent getting UCF to the second round of the NCAA tournament and he could have dominated that CAA had he stayed. But even looking at just his freshman year, he’s worth it for that starting PG spot with the upperclassmen I’ve paired with him

Austin Williams: His last game as a Dragon will be one I never forget when he threw a block party in the CAA tournament. He’s 6th on the all-time list with 143 blocks but he has an INSANE 92 of them during his senior year. Add in his 9.4 ppg and 8.5 rpg and that’s a big to fill out that trifecta.

Kennell Sanchez: The only guy on my roster that I never saw play. But a 6’5” guard who can get you 10 ppg and half a dozen assists is a nice complement to the main three guys I built this strategy around.

Randy Oveneke: Arguably the most built guy Drexel has had in the last 15 years. His senior year slam dunk to end the first half against VCU imprinted on my freshman brain as one of the moments I’ll never forget. He got plenty of minutes on that really great 2006-07 team as a senior, so having him as my other big is a solid get.

Gabi Marginean: I don’t care what the other guys say – we never made a rule that said this draft only had to be players from the men’s team, and if we can see matchups of 2019 players vs 2005 players, then why not include the women? She only scored 2,500 points in her career while leading the team to new heights. Give her the ball at the end of a close game to ice it with her 89% senior year FT percentage – just like she did to win an NCAA bid in 2009.


Nick’s “Picks”

As written by “Nick”

Samme Givens:  An auto draft for highest scorer would have netted Nick Troy Harper here, but I knew that wouldn’t be his pick.  It was between Rodney Williams and Samme, but with our many Dragonscast discussions I know Nick thinks Rodney was soft so Samme was the obvious pick

Phil Goss: Nick loved Phil’s clutch shots and how he fed off the crowd, also best player available, provides the team a three point threat and go to scorer

Kurk Lee:  This might not have been a pick Nick would make but PG options were very limited by this point in the draft and Kurk was by far the best remaining, passing on him would have been a mistake

Dartaye Ruffin:  Best forward left on the board and Nick needed some size, pairs nicely with Samme givens and makes this a tough team on the glass

Mate Okros:  This is another pick that will look better in a year or two, but gives the team good size on the wing and provides a nice three point threat to pair with goss

Miles Overton:  At this point in the draft pickens were slim and I felt like Nick needed a chucker.  Miles always had some potential but never lived up to it, maybe he would perform better with Nick at the helm

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