Is Bru Getting Soft?

An urgent call to those surrounding Drexel’s all-time winningest coach!  Things appeared to be going so well for the Dragons during the second half of their recent game against Rutgers, that both Coach Flint and Coach Connors were seen sitting on the bench at the same time for more than fifteen seconds.
Fear swept Drexel fans who noticed the action, or lack thereof, on the bench.  Surely the staff hadn’t gone soft.  Not so early in the season, with so much work to do.  The fans needed someone to step up and proclaim that the even hand of Drexel coaching was still there and ready to drop the hammer.
Just when desperation was setting in, the fans worries were erased.  Assistant to the Head Coach Calvin Hicks rose to the occasion, and let the officials know that the hammer was still right where it belonged, on the Drexel bench, ready to strike.



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