Key Performance Indicators


If you’re a member of “corporate culture” at this point – or in one of any number of other places – you may have heard of the term “KPI” – Key Performance Indicators.  The good friends at Investopedia state that KPI is:

A set of quantifiable measures that a company uses to gauge its performance over time. These metrics are used to determine a company’s progress in achieving its strategic and operational goals, and also to compare a company’s finances and performance against other businesses within its industry.

As Coach Spiker’s squad takes the floor this winter, they too will have some KPI’s to look at.  Here’s a quick breakdown of what fans can chart over the course of the season to see if the team is getting where it needs to be.  But before that, a disclaimer:  One game is small sample size.  So it two and three.  Look for trends, look for month to month, when looking at these indicators.  Be a smart fan – not a WIP caller, and we all become better.  Without further ado:

KPI 1)  The rebounding battle.  And this may be less about rebounding and more about what rebounding represents. Intelligence, physicality, toughness, and perhaps that all rolls into “maturity”.  It’s a young team and, it’s missing a huge presence,mentally and physically, with the loss of Austin “Stretch” Williams.  So if they can show a presence on the glass,it will tell a tale much larger than a few extra possessions per game. 

Stat to watch:  Offensive and Defensive rebounding percentage.

KPI 2) Three point battle. Some may remember how poorly last season started when it came to three point defense. While that may be a key defensive indicator, I care more about the offensive end of the floor.  Spiker wants a team that can run and gun, and that only works if the gunners hit.  We’ve talked about William and Mary or Elon being live by the three, die by the three teams in the past, and while I’m not sure that Drexel is quite there, this team will be expected to hit with a high percentage.

Stat to watch:  This one is easy, three point shooting percentage

KPI 3) Free throws.  It’s easily missed,but last years Drexel team was the third best free throw shooting team Drexel has had in the last 17 years.  The problem was, in the current offensive environment where more fouls are called,they got to the line less than any Bruiser Flint team did.  With guys who can hit when they get to the line, there’s free points to be had if they take the ball strong to the hoop.  But with a young, undersized(weight, not height) team, will they be able to get there? 

Stat to watch:  Free throw rate

Here at AlwaysADragon we will be tracking these metrics and reporting on them monthly, but we wanted to provide the metrics for fans to follow along as the season begins.  With a young team (no four year seniors) we expect there to be early season struggles, so it will be in season growth that will tell the tale of this years team.  


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