So You Know You Can Dance


So You Think Know You Can Will Dance
From: Drexel Dragons Worldwide
Subject: SNUB THIS

As we prepare for a Selection Sunday that stands to be a complete 180 from the painful one of 14 years ago – huge viewing party and snub vs small viewing party and automatic qualifier status as supreme, all-encompassing champions of the CAA obtained – we’ll pass our time watching the remainder of Championship Week and focus in on who the Dragons’ first dance partner in a quarter century will be. 

Below is an average ranking from the first 10, top ranked, veteran (3+years) bracketology sites that have been updated within the past 48 hours as ranked at The same process was used to determine a potential opponent.

We’ll update this leading up to the release of the official brackets on Sunday. Obviously, if you want Drexel to have a better matchup, you will want to be rooting against the teams that are still participating in their respective conference tournaments. The Dragons seem pretty locked into a 15 seed, but could sneak their way to a 14 and if things get a bit crazy (Toledo needed overtime to get past their quarterfinal matchup in the MAC), maybe there’s a slim chance at a 13.

Enjoy a nice, relaxing leadup to The Dance!


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