Kurk Lee Departs Drexel Basketball


Kurk Lee Departs Drexel Basketball

Effective yesterday, Kurk Lee has announced his departure from the Drexel Basketball program.  Fans will remember Kurk for his high energy, quick tempo and offensive ability shown during his freshman and sophomore seasons.  At a time when Drexel Basketball was just starting a rebuild, they needed a floor general, and Lee stepped up and pushed the Dragons forward, no matter how many injuries the team was hobbled by.

Last season, as a junior, Lee was a victim of the injury bug himself.  While he worked his way back, the talk in the stands was of a tentative return date that kept getting pushed back, and his body language on the sideline.  It was not a positive time.  Alongside that, Cam Wynter stepped in with a Rookie of the Year performance, running the offense and allowing the Dragons to skip the play-in game reserved for the teams finishing a the bottom of the conference for the first time in years.

Perhaps it is the frustrating junior season, perhaps it is being usurped on the roster, or perhaps it is indeed personal reasons that has Kurk Lee stepping away from his teammates.  It’s unfortunate that Lee will not finish what he started here at Drexel, as, despite a lessor role, he would have been a contributor to this year’s team.  Kurk’s lack of size did make him a defensive liability, and statistically he never had a great offensive season for Drexel.  Maybe he is right, and the program has passed him by.  Perhaps his value is just not as valuable to the Dragons today as it was four years ago.  But we also remember that he was there when the Dragons needed him most four years ago.  On behalf of Scott and myself, we wish Kurk the best of luck wherever his next step will be.

As for the Dragons going forward, the pressure will be on Cam Wynter to step up from a sluggish start, and to stay on the floor.  Perhaps Matey Juric will see some more time on the ball.  With names including Wynter, Juric, Bickerstaff and Walton all having brought the ball into the frontcourt this year, it seems there are a few more minutes and more takes available to everyone else now.  It will be interesting to see who earns those opportunities.



  1. I’m Just amazed when you guys say “lack of size”. breaking AllTime freshman records and leading scorer as a freshman. How soon you guys forget. Was he a liability then. Good luck to Lee & his family!

  2. K.Lee is a tuff player with a big heart. Y’all tripping…Size didn’t matter when he came in creating plays not only for others but for himself. Leading scorer freshman year !!!Good luck to him …waiting to see where he goes!

  3. You guys are not going to be a winning program until you get the right personnel. Can’t blame size on wins n losses. Good luck Lee. You loss a good player n my fan support.

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