Merry Christmas and Happy Kwanzaa


Sorry for the late post today – sometimes real life wins over hoops, but we try and keep that to a minimum.

Never been a “Happy Holidays” guy, as someone who grew up celebrating both Christmas and Hanukkah I realize the distinct differences between people and holidays at this time of year, so with Hanukkah behind us, I want to wish everyone here a Merry Christmas and a Happy Kwanzaa.

The decision to start this blog was as spur the moment as anything I’ve done in the last couple of years.  I was doing so selfishly, to see if I could still root as passionately for Drexel as I had as a student and prior to my year away from the program.  After trips to LA, Charlotte and New York this season I can tell you that I can not be as passionate as I was.  It doesn’t look like I’ll be thrown out of a game anytime soon, nor that I’ll be rushing the court after a game against poor old Sam Houston State.  Wounds take a while to heal, and both on and off the court there have been plenty over the years, which in a way is whats making this year of good basketball so much fun, and why I can so easily let the Hawks game drop.

The great news for me though is that where logic has taken the place of passion it lets me see the game a bit differently.  And in writing and researching for my blog posts, even when I crank something out real quick like I did after I got home from Hawk Hill, it makes me do the work.  Gone are the days of blaming Bru for everything, and here we enter into the days of blaming Bru for just many things (hey, the dude still is letting pride and rigidness get in the way of his own success).  Tavon’s shot selection isn’t on Bru, it’s on Tavon.  Playing Tavon when he takes 21 shots and half of them are terrible, well that’s on Bru.  And thru breaking down the boxes, and seeing every minute of every game that I can live, I try to bring something here.  So really, this blog brings me to do the extra work to try to find the nugget.

I think 99% of the blogs on the internet are started and never finished.  I’m not sure how far the average one gets but I’d imagine the answer is “not very”.  When I started this one, I was really in a spot, because the first people to read it were sportswriters that I very much respect and when those guys said that I need to keep doing this the pressure was on.  But then you all followed.  In the first week or two I was excited for the day with 50 hits, I know this is a niche market, I’m not covering all of the city teams or CAA teams, I don’t have a newspaper behind me and I didn’t think the Athletics Dept was going to tell you to come check this out.  I was more than happy that 50 people were reading.

When the ball tipped at Saint Joe’s it was roughly a month in to writing this thing, and the site had 200 hits on that day at tip off, and 3,000 in the month prior.  I have no intention to sell ads or make this into anything beyond just one guys thoughts on electronic paper, but I wanted to make sure to get this post up and thank you.  I don’t know 200 Drexel Basketball fans at this point so welcome to all of you who have found this page thru the zone or a friend of a friend of a friend, and thank you for reading and continuing to push my writing.

This blog has been a joy, and the push keeps coming because I want to do well by all of you.  Drexel fans are a fantastic group and there’s not one Drexel fan that I’ve ever met that I don’t appreciate.  It’s a small but dedicated group, and this blog has helped me come back into that fold, your reading has made it better, so thank you.  If you’re reading this and I don’t know you, I’m at the games, second row behind the scorers table right at half court and I’d genuinely like to meet you, so please stop by and say hello.  More than anything else I’m a believer in never being good enough, so I’m thrilled at the uptick in emails, tweets and zone post.  Whether helping with the mailbag, or just letting me know ways to make this thing better, I encourage you to continue that and help this thing evolve in a way that will serve all DU fans best.

The St. Francis preview has gotten pushed back a bit, but still should be out by Saturday night at the latest.




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