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Generally we have news and notes from around the league, but today please allow me an indulgence for some  housekeeping announcements:

First:  Drexel’s Autism Awareness Night was held during last Thursday’s game against Towson. The Awareness Night is a fantastic idea that we applaud Drexel Athletics and #CAAHoops for running with.  The Dragons went an extra step and donated $5 of each ticket sold for this game to the Drexel Autism Institute (@DrexelAutism).

Unfortunately, the game was moderately overshadowed by a certain parade in the city that afternoon and the turnout wasn’t what it could have been.  In order to both show our support for Athletics taking action for a worthy cause, as well as our own personal support for this specific cause, Always A Dragon has matched the Drexel Athletics donation to the Drexel Autism Institute dollar for dollar.  I have openly stated that if Dragon Athletics holds itself to the highest standards then fans will be there to support them.  Always A Dragon is thrilled to be able to use this cause to put our money where our mouth is.

So to Drexel Athletics we say thank you for taking that leadership role!  And to the Drexel Autism Institute we say thank you for the research that you have done and continue to do to make this a more manageable disorder for each and everyone impacted by ASD.

Next, the user may note that one of the drop downs on the header bar on the website has changed.  We are thrilled to welcome Adam Hermann and his writing talents to our website.  Adam somehow brings a combination of youth and writing experience with him to the site.  Adam has written for the Triangle at Drexel, as well as, and can be found all over the internet. His writing here will speak towards the Drexel Men’s Basketball Program at large and its current place in history.  The quality of writing will be much better than our readers are used to, so no, the reader need not adjust his or her monitor, just give it time.

Welcome Adam!

And with that:  I’m taking a vacation.  Right here in the middle of the season.  This is a complete list of games I haven’t seen this year:  Houston, La Salle, Temple, @Elon, @William and Mary.   That list contains four of the top five performances this team has given.  In 2006-07 the only out of conference games I did not attend were:  @Villanova, @Syracuse, @Temple and @Creighton.  Wins, all of them.

With a tough Thursday (@Northeastern)/ Saturday (@Hofstra) weekend in front of the team, it’s time for me to face facts and give them a chance.  Also, my wife has only seen me in wedding photos for the last 4 months and it’s not getting better as the calendar fades to March.  So for the next week, I’m thrilled to leave you in the hands of Scott, Adam, the incomparable Alan Boston and Jerry Beach (who writes remarkably well given that he went to school on Long Island).  That this site began as a one man blog and now has a writing bench that deep is an area of immense pride.  We won’t miss a beat in providing top flight content for the reader while I’m gone. Thanks to all who have contributed in getting us to this point.

Most of all, thanks as always for your readership and support.  There’s too many people too invested in this basketball program for it to disappear.  In reading, you’re allowing us to join you and strengthen the support that this program needs to grow and be successful.  We appreciate that with each and every article we pen.

Thank you.


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