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Since the advent of Dragons Speak, Scott, Dan and a cavalcade of all-stars have written 516 stories related to Drexel Basketball, the CAA, and the community.  It’s taken thousands of hours, thousands of dollars, and very, very understanding significant others.  We are tremendously thankful for them, and our Drexel community that encourages us and allows us to share our thoughts, aspirations, and information with them.

Post 517 will likely be the shortest post we’ll ever have.

Ben Simon at published a long form piece on Drexel basketball yesterday, and the subject matter was this site, and its journey from conception to today.  Ben is a talented writer, and we appreciate his time and effort not just with this piece, but in doing his part to keep the Philadelphia basketball community thriving with content.  Ben, thank you.

Here’s the link to the piece.  All feedback is, as always, welcome:  The J Word, By Ben Simon.



  1. To call that a fantastic read does not do this story justice. I hope you guys are proud of your work, and the result of this story. I definitely am; the effort you guys put into this year after year is impressive.

    Love the concluding statement.

    Also, love that he called out Dan’s graying hair. 🙂

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