Postgame – Delaware (Away)


Final Score: Delaware 68, Drexel 67
Drexel Player of the Game: Major Canady
Key to the Game: Turnovers
Next Game: Saturday February 18 vs Elon

If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.  And if you coach Drexel Men’s Basketball or write on it and don’t have a choice?  Then keep it brief.  We will.

There were five Colonial Athletic Association games on Thursday night and looking at the out of town scores it appears that eight teams showed up to play in them, Drexel and Delaware were not among them.  The statistics make it clear as day:

  • 20 turnovers
  • Ouscored 28-8 on points off turnovers
  • Outscored 46 to 22 in the paint
  • 62% Free Throw shooting

The team that accumulated those stats, the Dragons, were winning this game with 30 seconds remaining.  Against a decent basketball team that showed up prepared to play, Drexel would have been down double digits, but on this night they were playing the University of Delaware, a team that would be fairly competitive in most high school level AAU tournaments.  And so, like two drunks squaring off at 1:45 in the morning, for 40 minutes these two teams staggered around, running into each other, at times landing a punch but more often than not missing and holding the other team upright instead.

While Coach Spiker said that his Dragons didn’t do enough to win, he mentioned Kurk Lee (21 points) as giving the team a spark, Rodney Williams’ strong second half performance and Major Canady’s steady hand with the ball.  It seemed surprising that Canady only saw 23 minutes.  He was making his first start of the year due to Kurk Lee being benched to start the contest (minor team infraction, possibly related to his wearing the teams extra jersey for this game rather than his own).  While Major may not be back from injury and in a place to win you a basketball game like Lee can, in this game the Dragons only needed to be solid and smart with the ball, and Major is both of those things.  It showed in his stat line:  7 points on 4 shots and just 1 turnover alongside 4 assists.  With Moran and Lee combining for 11 of the Dragons 20 turnovers, Major seemed to have earned some more of their minutes.

And there were plenty of minutes to go around for the guards in this contest.  With Miles Overton out (wrist), and Kari Jonsson missing the game (knee), it was a four guard rotation for the three guard spots.  When asked about playing three point guards together, Coach Spiker quoted the proverb “Necessity is the [mother] of invention”.  He noted that despite being shorthanded the team was in a position to make the plays needed to win the game, and came up just short.  What Coach Spiker said was true, but give Delaware a nice assist in keeping the Dragons that close as well.



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