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There’s optimism at Drexel again.  Just how much? Try this video.

Wow. Wow. Wow.

Yes, cliched but what else can you write? Playing their 5th game in 10 days, Drexel somehow found the inner resolve to lead by double digits late against a motivated Hofstra bunch. The Dragons accomplished this after losing a brutal double overtimer at a very physical Towson team. Yes, Drexel blew it. Once again they (in today’s politically correct world) did not make enough winning plays at the end, but in the real world, they just plain choked. Short term, not good. Long term… Wow. Wow. Wow.

Playing with a frosh point guard who, although from a legendary Towson basketball family did not get recruited to play there, who is small and struggles to guard, Drexel somehow not only won the Towson game but also the even trickier Hofstra game. The short term for this team is not good. The team lacks quality depth. They do not defend well enough to win in the conference tournament. But long term watch out. Drexel showed great fortitude and a willingness to fight. Their defense is improving. The year is not over. I believe Drexel is way better at this point than even the most optimistic fan could have imagined. When Spiker gets his recruits. Watch out. Keep your heads up Dragon fans, the future is indeed full of “High Hopes”.

That is the future.

As for this game, trouble lurks. William and Mary was also playing their 5th game in 10 days last game. They too blew a big lead. It was at Towson. It was without a player who has been lights out lately, Omar Prewitt. I would expect him back for this game. It seems like this is a rematch of a game from the distant past, however, it was only 10 days ago, in Williamsburg that The Pantsless Griffin’s blew Drexel out. After they beat Drexel 108-85 they beat Northeastern 94-61 then blew a late 14 pt lead at Towson. For the longest of time, Shaver’s crew struggled. Since they returned from a long road trip, got a bit of rest, William and Mary is running their offense perhaps better than any Shaver team of the past. That is saying something.

All of Shaver’s teams are coached brilliantly, however this team has totally bought in. They defend a bit better than prior Shaver teams, but boy of boy do they run offense. Open 3’s abound. Since they are from spots they like, many are going in. I have never seen offense run as efficiently as this team has the past two weeks plus. What is amazing about Coach Shaver is that he pressed full court at Hampden-Sydney. Given a tough academic school, where athletes do not abound, he completely changed his approach. As a hoops purist, I find it an absolute joy to watch. Unfortunately for Drexel, their lack of defensive acumen, will be fully exposed by Shaver. The future has much hope for Drexel basketball. February 9th 2017, does not.

William & Mary 98 Drexel 81
Vegas Line:  William and Mary -5

Other CAA Lines (Home teams in CAPS):
CHARLESTON -7 Northeastern
Elon -6.5 DELAWARE
TOWSON -4 Hofstra
UNCW -15 James Madison


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