Previewing the CAA Championship

I thank Dan, Scott and all of the readers, for allowing me to participate in his terrific website. I am from a different world. I have never read KenPom. I know nothing of numbers that others spew like they are gospel. They are mostly meaningless when attempting to pick a winner. That is all I shall say.
In my world, there was occasionally a televised game. It made the Monday night Big East game a very big deal. I could only get scores by staying at a casino all night and watching a sports ticker. Eventually there were pagers that updated the scores. I learned to pick winners by using logic. Logic is irrefutable. It makes my write ups different. It probably makes them seem simplistic, perhaps even corny. I assure you that is not the case.
I track 350 teams, so I am not overly familiar with any of them, well except some of my favorites such as William and Mary, Oakland, West Virginia, and all of the Ivy league. I do not know the Colonial as well as many who read the material Dan and Scott produce. So again, I thank all for letting me pick some games and at the same time spew some venom. I was around when scores were hard to get. I was around when there was a 45 second clock. College hoops was great theater back then.
We got a taste of that theater last night with two riveting games with teams giving it their all.  I still hate the 30 second shot clock. I still have no idea what a foul is. Unfortunately, I do not think many of the refs do either. So while the announcers dream up more ways to tell the world why both Belmont and Lipscomb do not belong in the big dance (I assure you, they do!), let us hope the Colonial finale is as memorable as last nights battles.
The pick in the finale seems quite simple. When Northeastern went to Hofstra, the Long Islanders were running roughshod over the league. Hofstra won that game on a banked three pointer by who else but Justin Wright-Foreman. The rematch in Boston was an easy wire to wire win by the Huskies. Northeastern has a full healthy roster for the third game in a row. Hofstra as I have mentioned, is playing back to the level of what is typical for the program. I like Mihalich but he is no match for Coen. Not many are.
In short, Northeastern had the edge when playing head to head. They have the better coach. They will be a 13 seed. They will draw a team that will be a difficult match up for them. I would love to see them play Kansas. However, the committee is too smart to put one of their big money makers at risk in the first round.
Again, thanks for allowing me to participate. Thanks to those who have taken the time to read.
Northeastern 82 Hofstra 71


  1. I’ve really enjoyed your previews. Thanks for being such an important contributor to this AAD community and I look forward to hearing from you again in November!

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