Revisiting the Record Watch


Earlier this season, we sat down and made some bold predictions about some records that the Always a Dragon team felt was worth watching.  In today’s post, we are going to take a look at where we were wrong and where we were right.  Sadly, our list reads more like a Maury Povich lie detector reveal than it does a list of predictions by the Amazing Kreskin.


Three-point field goals in a game by the team (16) – On a team that sported shooters like Alihan Demir, Kurk Lee, Coletrane Washington and Trevor John, we predicted that there was going to be a high probability of accomplishing this one.  Well, we missed.  Excluding the Bryn Athyn game, the highest total three pointers Drexel netted in a contest was against Eastern Michigan in their season opener where they hit 13.  In fact, out of their 30 D-1 contests, they broke into double digits in three pointers made just six times.

Free throw makes in a game (44) – With the drive and slash game that Troy Harper plays combined with guys like Kurk Lee who also has the ability to get to the hoop and subsequently make it to the line, we thought that there would be a “moderate” chance of breaking this one.  Unfortunately, we missed on this one too.  Drexel was short by ten makes against Lasalle, a game that saw them shoot 34 for 40 from the line.

Three point field goals in a game by a player (9) – Unless something crazy happens in the CAA tournament or beyond, it appears that Mike Wisler’s now 25 year old record will survive for another season.  We were not without a few “Wisler Watches” courtesy of Trevor John, but the Grad Transfer never netted more than eight in a game.

Three-point field goal percentage in a game (.917) – Okay, AAD deserves at least partial credit for this one.  If Drexel was going to be breaking any shooting records, chances are it would be because of volume, and not because of success rates.  We predicted this one to be a long shot.  Drexel’s best three-point field goal percentage on the season was a respectable 68.8% against Loyola, but that is still well short of the numbers Drexel put up against Delaware way back in 2000.

Blocks in a game (9) – Again, partial credit.  This record was going to be close to impossible for any Dragon to beat this season.  The four players who achieved this number, Chaz Crawford, Leon Spencer, Robert Battle and Bob Stephens, will remain in the record books for another year.  Alihan Demir had the team’s high for blocks in a game this season, and that number was three.  It was a feat he achieved twice.


Three-pointers in a season by a player (92) – We are proud to announce that while we whiffed on five of our predictions, we were on point with prediction number six.  Not only did Trevor John break the school record, but he finished the regular season with 101 three point makes, shooting at 41.7% for the season.  John started off red hot, and in the early days of the CAA season it appeared that opponents might have figured his formula out.  But the 6’3” guard with a better catch and release than Bill Dance found his touch again once the second half of the CAA season hit.  John improved his three point percentage by 10 points in the last nine games of the year.  He also becomes the 8th player in CAA history to break 100 three point makes on the season.  Congratulations, Trevor.

This was a fun experiment that we will probably repeat next season.  So what say you: are any of these big surprises?  Were there any records that we should have included this year that we left out?  Less us know in the comments below.


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