Scott Kier – Staff Writer, Webmaster

Scott Kier might be a new season ticket holder, but his love for Drexel Basketball goes back almost 25 years.  As someone who never attended Drexel University, Scott’s exposure to Dragons Basketball started when players like Malik Rose and Brian Holden led the team up and down the court, and Bill Herrion patrolled the sidelines.  Now, 20 years after Rose played his last game at the DAC, Scott shares his season tickets with his dad, a 1970 graduate of what was then known as the Drexel Institute of Technology.

A paramedic by career, and a sports lover at his heart, Scott is a 2001 graduate of Springfield College in Springfield, Massachusetts which is, coincidentally, the birthplace of basketball and the home of the Basketball Hall of Fame.  As someone who played three years of high school basketball, most of them from the bench, Scott has a unique take on the “X’s” and “O’s” of the game, adding a balance of the “eyeball test” to Dan Crain’s more analytic view of the game.

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