The Always a Dragon Story

Welcome to a site featuring news, analysis, and opinion on Drexel Basketball.  This is a place where fans, students and staff will not just be able to come for the most content on the team all season long but also to converse about the team, the school and the conference.

The Zach Spiker era is an exciting time of change, and through this page you can follow it every step of the way.  This site was created without any knowledge of where this program is going, and that creates part of the excitement in covering the experience.  The program, like my grammar, won’t be perfect.  The goals are lofty (for the program, not the grammar which would seem to be a lost cause) and every day won’t be a step forward, but we can hope every week will be, as will every month and year.  It’s with that goal, long term progress, on and off the court development and university wide success, that this site is launched.

Always A Dragon will be constantly evolving with one underlying theme: Openness.  Founders Scott Kier and Dan Crain invite all to contribute, to be heard and to use this destination to show their support for the program.  There will be highs, and fans will go overboard.  There will be lows, and fans will go overboard.  That is baked in.  It’s the internet, and that is baked in too.  Moderation will be essential but at the end of the day, this hopes to be a community of Drexel supporters, welcoming to all.  Except for visitors from the University of Delaware.  As long as that is kept in mind this will be a flourishing community, and not just a source of news and analysis.  And a growing community of Drexel supporters sounds pretty good to us.

Welcome to
Dan & Scott