The DAC Pack Most Wanted


What happens when a student fan section rapidly vaults from a startup with less than 15 members to being named the best in Philadelphia and top 20 in the nation?

As the DAC Pack learned during it’s decade long ascent, you make a lot of enemies.

While most every opposing player hated playing in front of hundreds of gold shirts in the DAC’s uncomfortably cramped quarters during those formative years, these three in particular stand alone as the DAC Pack’s top adversaries.


On January 19, 2008, Hofstra endured an incredibly rowdy DAC Pack en route to 67-58 win. While Hofstra coach Tom Pecora threw a post game hat tip to the rowdy Drexel fans by noting “I think we just showed a lot of guts to win in a tough environment”, two star players – Antoine Agudio and Dane Johnson (who scored a career high 17 points in the game) – decided to acknowledge the Pack in a different way. After the final horn sounded, the two ran over to the student section shouting, with Johnson making what could midly be described as a rude gesture.

Unfortunately for Dane, the DAC Pack had a long memory. When the Pride returned to the DAC the following season, the student section had been (wisely?) moved to directly behind the opponents bench. Over the course of the first half the following ensued:

  • DAC Pack student arrived with a half eaten box of donuts;
  • The Pack proceeds to chant “Dane ate the donuts” at the 6’-10”, 280 pound Johnson incessantly;
  • Johnson gets so frustrated that he’s whistled for a technical;
  • He’s subsequently benched, and then has to endure the DAC Pack 5 feet from his ear for the remainder of the game.

The Dragons went on to win 70-52 and Johnson – after scoring his career high at the DAC the prior year – finished with 4 points.


Opposing players that face any sort of disciplinary action on their own campuses  should be prepared to face the DAC Pack’s wrath when they come to University City.

Before the 2012 season, George Mason guard Andre Cornelius was arrested for fraudulent use of a credit card.  Cornelius was later suspended, and probably wished his penalty extended to Thursday January 12, 2012 when the Patriots visited the Daskalakis Athletic Center.

The DAC was ROCKING for a nationally televised game on ESPN at the DAC, the DAC Pack stole the show by holding a 20 foot rollout that posed a key question:

The rollout earned the DU students a spot on the front page of Yahoo Sports.


For several glorious years, the closest geographic rivalry in college basketball – Drexel and Penn – became known as The Battle for 33rd Street.

Each season, police shut down 33rd Street as hundreds of gold-clad Drexel fans made their way to The Palestra, a miniature street sign trophy changed hands, and the diss rollouts became fodder for national hoops writers.

The 2008-09 Quakers’ star was the quintessential Penn Kid – 6’6” guard from Carlsbad California, Tyler Bernardini.

On Tuesday November 18, 2008, at 8am (?!) in front of yet another national audience on ESPN,  the quakers made the walk north across market to meet a DAC Pack that was ready for the big stage.

The Dragons won a 66-64 streetfight, and after getting pounded by the Pack for the duration of the game, Bernardini paid the DU fans the ultimate compliment:

“The Drexel fans are the absolute worst to me,” he said. And devoted to their craft.

When Drexel partisans found out about Bernardini’s side job – washing uniforms as part of Penn’s work-aid program – they didn’t miss their chance to give the Quakers’ star a hard time. “They had a sign that said, ‘Bernardini, you can do our laundry any day,’ ” he said. “I thought it was funny, and I couldn’t believe they got that information.”


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