UNCW – Away – Pregame


It is difficult to evaluate a team that does not field the same unit day to day.

Drexel’s battle this season has been with consistency. It is difficult to find it when constantly battling injuries. With Coach Spiker trying to establish his way with his players it makes the ongoing injury battle even more troubling. Spiker wants to implement his system. He needs his players on the court to establish that. Personally, I hope thr coach is aware that Lee is young and not the biggest of players. Lee has played way too many minutes in the early season. 35 minutes vs Elon was entirely unnecessary. I know coaches are always worried about a lead not being big enough or no game is ever over, or whatever other cliche they spit out, but Drexel was not winning that game vs Elon. Drexel needs to win the CAA tournament. Nothing else matters. Lee will be a key. That’s the big picture, and it needs to be remembered.

Drexel has shown that they could be a sleeper in this league. The win at La Salle was very impressive. They have had other moments of brilliance. If they finally get healthy, so the starters can play a couple of games together, so the bench can be established, this team could make a run. It looks like that scenario could begin today.

UNCW for some strange reason decided to hire a Roy Williams assistant as its head coach. Roy is among the very worst in game coaches in the country. Unless you are going to get the very best players, Roy and the people under him are not what you want. UNCW is paying the price.

Quickly, they went from dominant force to the worst in the league. Sure they lost a ton of players, but this team has played to a very low level. They lost at East Carolina, I need to say no more. Their only win over a D-I team was at home vs Campbell. They began their league play with a 58-56 home loss to Delaware. UNCW took the lead 56-54 after Talley made 2 technical foul shots but they never scored again. Although they won the rebounding battle 48-39, they were outboarded 7-2 down the stretch. Delaware missed 4 of 5 free throws in the last 10 seconds but UNCW still could not capitalize as a good look at a 3 was missed at the buzzer.

Shorthanded Drexel had little chance as a suddenly confidant Elon bunch played more to their potential. But in this game they face a team that has no confidence and seem to be much closer to full strength.  Tough call but:

Drexel 66 UNCW 64


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