Welcome 2019-2020 Drexel Hoopsters!


The 2019-2020 Drexel Men’s and Women’s Basketball seasons kickoff today at Temple and Quinnipiac respectively.  The men hit their mark last year, showing progress by not having to participate in the CAA’s play-in round in the conference tournament.  In Zach Spiker’s fourth year the goal will certainly be to improve on that finish, and perhaps return to being a top half team in the Association.  On the women’s side, the aspirations are nothing short of putting on their dancing shoes and participating in March Madness.

With two competitive teams, an inner city battle to kickoff the year and home games from both teams on the season’s first weekend, it’s a great time to be a Dragon.  Here at AlwaysADragon, we’re as excited as anyone for this season and the wave that comes with two programs moving in the right direction on the court.  The reader may not have captured that excitement when reading our preseason coverage – because there wasn’t any.

On behalf of Scott, Alan Boston, all of our contributors and myself, hear me when I say we want AlwaysADragon to continue to be a part of this community, and we are relentless in making sure that this continues.  That being said, for any number of reasons, our coverage will be scaled back this year.  Not only do we genuinely like spending time with our families (#CheerstotheKiers for their nuptials this past weekend!!), but we also recognize that quality is more meaningful than quantity, and speaking for myself, I absolutely believe that the reader deserved better than they received from me last season.  There may be less this year, but it will be better.

Things won’t just be better here because of a move to quality, but they will also be better because of these exciting teams and topics.  In the coming weeks, look for stories on:

  • Preseason polls and why it is likely the last time in the foreseeable future that the Dragons were picked eighth
  • The extended depth that the men’s team has to offer this year (the lineup tonight may feature some surprises)
  • Three clear potential all league players and the very real chance for DU to have back to back CAA Rookie of the Year winners
  • Related: a special section on the pronunciations of Mate (we kid, but also we need it)
  • The offseason media deals that the CAA and Drexel Athletics were involved in
  • Taking a look at the out of conference schedule and what goes into it
  • Continuing to track attendance and the rebirth of the Drexel Basketball Brand
  • The women’s PNIT run that will kickoff the season for another strong Denise Dillon team
  • Bailey Greenberg’s chances to repeat as CAA Player of the Year
  • And last but not least, THE MADNESS OF MARCH

Zach Spiker likes to say “it’s a great day to be a Dragon” but from here it looks to be a great year.  Welcome to the season all you Dragons!  Have a toast to continued growth on the court, and renewed efforts off of it.  We’ll see you at the DAC.



  1. Michael McGuigan on

    looking forward to it Dan. Any prediction for tonight’s game? Fighting chance perhaps?

  2. Disappointed you did not use The Zombies. Their harmonies (Rod Argent + Colin Blunstone!!) are magic. Would suggest the lead singer of DMB, learn how to sing in tune. A great song ruined.